Tuesday, September 17

Which parts of cars are banned, renovated?

During use, each motor vehicle can only be renovated, changing one of the two main components to be the engine or the frame.

The Vietnam Register for Vehicle Inspection Department said that it is very common for cars with number plates to be issued, after a period of circulation, the owners of vehicles have been renovated to change the structure and features. of the car compared to the manufacturer’s design.

However, the representative of the Motor Vehicle Inspection Department said that the renovation must conform to the technical standards of cars to ensure technical safety and environmental protection. Therefore, according to current regulations, many details and technical items on cars are prohibited to be modified, changed or reduced compared to the manufacturer’s designs.

Some items are not allowed to be renovated such as suspension systems, brake systems (except for test vehicles fitted with auxiliary brakes; renovated to provide brake power of trailers, semi-trailers), steering systems; install a bed with two-storey type on a passenger car; increase luggage compartment size; change tire size, shaft number and wheel mark; change the distance between axes of motorized vehicles (except for renovation into special-use vehicles and tractors); increase the entire length of the vehicle; create an increase in the size of the tank’s body of trucks, tank volume.

During use, each motor vehicle can only be renovated and changed from 1 to 2 of the main components of the engine or frame; Do not renovate more than 3 systems, the following components: cockpit, trunk or trunk, passenger compartment; force transmission; move; hang; brake; driving; fuel. Do not use the used systems and components in renovating motor vehicles.

Regarding vehicles, also according to Motor Vehicle Inspection Department, prohibit changing the purpose of use (function) for vehicles that have been used for more than 15 years (from the year of manufacture); to renovate specialized motor vehicles imported into other motor vehicles for a period of 5 years (from the first year of issuance of the number plate), frozen vehicles imported into other types of vehicles for a period of 3 years.

Do not renovate other motorized vehicles into passenger vehicles and vice versa, except for passenger cars of 16 seats or less converted into special-use vehicles or VAN trucks.

Referring to the last time some cases of buying old cars for renovation, installation of additional structures and painting “to life” to simulate the shape of luxury cars, representatives of the motor vehicle inspection department confirmed In the case of modified cars without the approved renovation design (except for a few cases of simplified renovations that are exempt from design), they are not granted a certificate of renovation or vehicle registration for participation. traffic.