What’s the role of bit in teaching ATM?


During the primary meeting — still galvanized by the speech that followed the AY daily lesson the evening before — I deviated from the colloquial format I’d originally planned. once revealing a number of my early endeavors to form Awareness Through Movement® a lot of accessible (including one in every of my greatest — and most vital — failures), I addressed the ways that we have a tendency to state the tactic and our approaches to teaching ATM, suggesting however we’d improve.

Our exchange turned to what it suggests that to make associate degree atmosphere for learning and therefore the practicalities of teaching once a number of the participants recounted recent experiences and told North American country the queries they’ve been brooding, such as:

What’s the role of bit in teaching ATM?

How will we agitate the challenge of drop-in classes?

The second session followed a lot of closely my initial invite — to debate the queries people area unit asking themselves concerning what we’ve got to supply to our categories and the way we provide it. throughout a speech that targeted totally on however we have a tendency to gift the tactic, the attendees spoke brazenly and frankly concerning their experiences, expressed their concepts, and, a lot of to my delight and relief, they questioned and challenged things I’d same. All of this created for a wide-ranging, lively, eye-opening interchange.

During every session, I additionally gave a short introduction to the remake of RETURNING TO THE supply, the beginning of that was simply enraptured to next week.

Both sessions were recorded and Gifford, MIMO1’s cybrarian, has already uploaded the recordings to the web site. The links below take you to the video and therefore the audio files, that you’ll be able to then stream or transfer to the device of your alternative.

If you’re interested by what I’ve learned from teaching RETURNING TO THE supply (RTTS) seven times within the past number of years and the way that driven Pine Tree State to upgrade the course’s style and alter the ways that I’ll teach ATMs for the forthcoming eighth edition, please cross-check this recent web log.

Now that the beginning of the program’s been enraptured forward till next week, if you have got nevertheless to require this course, you’ve still got an opportunity to sign up! Even better: if you inscribe any time up till the tip of early registration at 11:59 PM CA time on Sunday, 6 October, you save $50.

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