Tuesday, September 17

Toyota Corolla New Generation launches upgrade in USA

Newly opened only in the world and in the U.S. not yet rounded for 1 year, the last model Toyota Corolla had a new version called Nightshade and added many high-class equipment.
Newly launched for the first time last year, the new generation Toyota Corolla is being expected by many customers to soon appear in Vietnam under the name Corolla Altis in the second half of this year.
Meanwhile, the vehicle has been sold nearly 1 year in many markets around the world – including the United States. Continuing to promote the sale of Corolla, Toyota just announced the addition of a new special version of Nightshade for the vehicle and added more standard equipment to the 2020 life.

On the basis of the model SE CVT medium class configuration, the Nightshade version of the Toyota Corolla was re-decorated to look more “cool”.
True to the name (Nightshade i.e. sunglasses), Corolla Nightshade has been “black-handed” exterior details such as grille, topology, rearview mirror, door handles, glass door borders, stamps, tail wings and 18-inch wheels. The cars with the hatchback model also have black bezel lights inside.
In addition to white as in the picture, guests can also choose Corolla Nightshade with colors such as black Sand and Classic Silver. In the USA, the Toyota Corolla Nightshade sedan Price is 22,750 USD and the hatchback version is slightly cheaper, reaching only 22,290 USD.
Not only adds the Nightshade model, Toyota also claims to be equipped with Android Auto smartphone connection for all versions of the Corolla 2020, while the models SE and XSE are also promotional packages for trial satellite radio service SiriusXM ALL Access.