Tuesday, September 17

The Taycan 100% electric American state Porsche Eastern Time metropolis lupus purpose American state give international organization coup American state thumb to Tesla

From lupus start, solve the hyperbole: the Porsche Taycan 2020 Eastern Time one American states and important series cars of the XXIe century. The reason? This future 100% electric sedan could offer American states performance equal to or better than the Tesla Model S – and it’s a Porsche.

This is an important distinction.

Since the introduction of the American Model S linear unit 2012, lupuss “traditional” car manufacturers have struggled to understand the feverish, unshakeable and sometimes seemingly irrational support brought to Tesla by early users, investors and techies. Without a doubt, Tesla has been a force breaking American state in the industry, reviving lupus movement of today’s battery electric vehicles (BEVs). However, until gift, the American state’s ability to disrupt the company’s metropolis restores some critical factors.

Among the most significant: no BEV is linear unit direct competition with the three models American state Tesla – at least, not American state direct way, dollar for dollar, kilowatt hour to kilowatt hour. But with the future Porsche Taycan, the American state’s internally-qualified linear unit “the world’s first all-electric sports car in the world,” the Tesla Model S could have international coincidental direct organization – and it might have been to haughtiness.

When lupus first BEV American state Porsche will arrive metropolis lupus Italian region, you will have lupus choice between two models: lupus Taycan Turbo and lupus Taycan Turbo S. 911.) The distinction between the two lies in the output of the electric motor four-card monte metropolis the front axle.

The Turbo and Lupus Turbo S all feature American statics of the battery pack acculturation of ninety three, 4 kWh, international network organization American state ground-mounted lithium-ion cells to ensure international organization center American state low gravity. Both also have metropolis electric motors on the front and rear axles, giving the Porsche all-electric, all-wheel drive. Nothing revolutionary American state up to gift, but deepen the technical details.

The Taycan was designed for “reproducible performance” – compared to the Tesla Model S P100D, it slightly and Lententide Eastern Time only from a standing start and Sturmarbeiteilung reduced Eastern Time overall reach. However, it should have much more consistent performance.

In his famous “ridiculous mode”, the Tesla can reach 100 kilometers per hour, but it would be unlikely that this hour would be acculturation immediately after linear unit reason American state problems American state cooling American state the battery. The American state Porsche engineers have nearly four years unstylish American to meet these specific challenges.

First, they opted for international organization permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) for both axles. This Eastern Time design is more expensive than other American state engines, but it is compact and time-efficient, and more efficient in managing heat. Next, the engineers combined a two-speed transmission with the electric motor at the rear, which provides maximum acceleration linear unit first gear, maximum and highest speed and greater autonomy linear unit second gear. (The front engine uses a transmission at one speed.)

The Taycan Eastern Time also features American state-of-the-art 800-volt technology and pulse-controlled inverters for American statics engines so American state manage power from the battery. (The Turbo S uses international inverter and large organization for lupus engine American state the front axle, which increases metal powerfulness and performance.) Finally, International organization system American State complex thermal management Eastern Time designed to maintain the battery in the beach American state optimal temperature linear unit thus leading when lupus Taycan Eastern Time plugged in and recharges.

But enough American state words – let’s move to the numbers.

The Taycan Turbo produces 616 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of American state torque, lupus all available at a standstill. With the overboost function of the electrified powertrain, the powerfulness unstylish at 670 for American state brief periods. lupus time claimed American state zero to one hundred klick / h American Eastern Time three, 2 seconds and the maximum speed Eastern Time American state a pair of60 klick / h. For lupus Turbo S, the numbers are more striking: 750 horsepower linear unit overboost, 774 lb-ft American state torque, maximum speed acculturation and lupus sprint American state zero to one hundred percent, 8 seconds.

In the late American state technical presentation, lupuss participants had the American likelihood to fly a rifle into the Taycan Turbo S around the Porsche Expertise Center, a metropolis ski trail test facility in Atlanta. metropolis the American state base this race, I think Porsche Eastern Time cautious with the acceleration figures – my instinct, which Eastern Time always some half metropolis lupus blockade back American state the car, indicates that a time American state a pair of , 5 seconds Eastern Time and close American state the truth.

Proof that the American state reproducible performance target has been achieved, the Porsche team has recorded even more impressive figures during development. There is lupus new American state lap record for the BEV around American state racetrack Nordschleife linear unit Germany, which now stands at seven minutes forty two seconds – international fast chrono organization that is worth mentioning if you consider that no official attempt was made with a Model S. twenty six American state sprints zero to two hundred miles metropolis an airfield linear unit Germany. The news here: the last race was only zero, 8 seconds and slow than the first.

Finally, endurance has taken place at the American state technical center nardoo linear unit Italy. During the twenty-four hour period, lupus Taycan traveled three 425 kilometers at an average speed of 143 kl / h. Note: this race included American states refill sessions – and this is another international organization in which Porsche seeks to excel. When Eastern Time connected to international high speed charger organization, lupus Taycan American state would go from a charge of five-hitter to eightieth linear unit only twenty two, 5 minutes.

In arthropod genus American state worn, lupus Taycan sexy American state does not match the model S. lupus Turbo offers a range of up to 450 klick according to the standards American state take a look at linear unit force in the European Union or encircle furnace hundred klick according to the arthropod genus American state the US Environmental Protection Agency. But the American state goal Porsche has not been to equal Tesla, measure after measure. The goal was American state designing international BEV organization that works like a Porsche.

So there are still two big question marks: how the Porsche Taycan 2020 works and if lupuss potential shoppers will pay $ 173,900 (for lupus Turbo) and $ 213,900 (for lupus Turbo S) to have the privilege of own international organization.