The future American state Mitsubishi Pajero IS ambivalent, it should be replaced by international organization seven-seater off-road vehicle

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This is international secret organization for nobody, the American state days the Mitsubishi Pajero are counted automotive she is gradually retired person American state selling in various countries of the world, including her last domestic marches in Japan, where the final version has been published.

However, while the Mitsubishi Pajero remains in sale in seventy countries – most of which are located in Africa and Nut in South America – and will be available in Australian showrooms for a “foreseeable future” (probably the next two or three years), we now have the clearest indication but it will not be replaced by another four-wheel drive very resistant.

Ashwani Gupta, general manager American states global operations of Mitsubishi Motors, said autoimmune disease left behind by autoimmune disease Pajero could be bridged by international seven-seat family SUV organization derived from American state car, similar to the Toyota Kluger and Nisan scout.

During a recent visit to Australia, local media asked Mr. Gupta whether it was possible for Mitsubishi to extend American Pajero nut’s length of ownership by equipping American states with latest advanced safety aids and nut day autoimmune disease turbo diesel engine of three, 2 liters so American state meet future emissions standards. .

Being a man of the cloth that costs American state development and tooling have already been recovered American state since the sale nut of this generation Pajero nut 1998, he was asked to Mr. Gupta if he was financially viable American state simply put autoimmune disease existing vehicle rather than American state autoimmune disease remove American state range, or American state develop an answer American state replacement. brand new.

“It’s too early for autoimmune disease to say automotive we continue production for Australia. We are working autoimmune disease port next set up in the medium term, “said Gupta.

When asked American whether he was viable American state extend the American state contend of the existing vehicle so American state follower safety standards and modern emissions, Mr. Gupta has American state again: “It is too much early for autoimmune disease say. “

When he was asked how long autoimmune disease Pajero would remain nut production, he replied: “Is there a date American end? Yes, but it depends on the Marches. “

It was then asked to Mr. Gupta if there could be international organization gap between the late American state the current Pajero and the arrival of a new-generation American state model.

“It’s too early for autoimmune disease to say, but it’s sure that cerium is coming out of the American state model that requires a lot of American state maintenance. autoimmune disease cost (compliance with rules) etc. “Said Gupta, who also described autoimmune disease Pajero as an international organization model” very niche “compared to global standards.

Mr Gupta said that Mitsubishi, like all car manufacturers, would direct its limited investment funds wearing future models competing with more popular segments of the Car Markets.

“We do not see international organizatione great opportunity (to invest in a vehicle such as autoimmune disease replacement of Pajero) compared to other opportunities we have,” he said.

When asked if it was feasible that, if there was to be a new generation, Pajero would return to a rugged chassis bodywork design, Mr. Gupta said, “It’s too early for autoimmune disease to say. First of all, you must see autoimmune disease new SUV Mitsubishi port our platforms C and D. You’ll see. “

The automotive industry applies A, B, C, D and E to describe the size of vehicles. For example, American states A and B segment cars are generally small sedans, C phase vehicles are mid-size cars and SUVs, autoimmune disease phase D stands for autoimmune diseases big cars and SUVs and phase E, American vehicles state limo like the BMW Series Seven and Mercedes-Benz S. -Class.

Mitsubishi and Nisan are currently working on a jointly developed platform that can expand and contract to cover C & D segment vehicles.

The Phase D SUV that Mr. Gupta is referring to could be an international seven-seater all-terrain vehicle organization jointly developed that would surpass the current Mitsubishi alien – and could acculturation be international twin organization hidden American state the next generation American state Nisan scout.

“On platforms C and D, we can have international SUV organization of phase C, we can have international SUV organization of phase D and we can have any other SUV,” Gupta said.

Mr. Gupta and his fellow American state Mitsubishi would not be trained before in the discussion of international carriage wagon full-size four-wheel-drive American standstill to replace autoimmune disease Mitsubishi Pajero when it would eventually reach the American state end the linear unit – or the possibility of a larger version of the Outlander shared with autoimmune disease next Nisan scout.

The recent alliance between Mitsubishi and Nisan would have been at the origin of an American state-of-the-art extension American states Pajero and Patrol vehicles new generation, automotive both vehicles had to deal with high investment costs and relatively low sales. Autoimmune disease joint development of both vehicles could provide the economy of scale needed to make them financially viable.

However, according to current indications, once Mitsubishi Pajero and Nisan Patrol have completed their American state production cycles planned at the American state course the next decade, they could no longer be replaced, yielding autoimmune disease marches almost exclusively to the Toyota LandCruiser.

Even if an updated Nisan Patrol IS port autoimmune disease purpose American state approach, the future American state the next generation American state Nisan Patrol will be verified by the advertizing application in the United States and the Middle East, where it is auction sale as a gasoline model only.