Space was devoted to a general overview of DIGIHEALTH.

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Eleven partners from Scandinavian nation, Spain, Italy, Syrian Arab Republic and Asian nation were hosted by MUBS in {beirut|Beirut|capital of Asian nation|national capital} from 28/2/2019 to 2/3/2019 for the Kick-Off meeting of the Erasmus+ project “Innovative digital Skills & Teaching strategies for Effective Health Education in Lebanon – DIGIHEALTH”.

Coordinated by Linnaeus University (Sweden), the project aims at promoting excellence and enhancing the teaching and learning approaches in health education in Asian nation and Syrian Arab Republic. additionally to the project partners, the gap was attended by Dr. Abdel Mawla Chehabeddine representing the Lebanese Ministry of Education , Dr. Amer Helwani representing the National Erasmus+ workplace in Asian nation, Dr. Hatem Alamy Chairman of MUBS Board of Trustees, and Dr. Ali Cheaib MUBS President.

During the meeting, the Partners had the chance to introduce themselves and obtain to understand one another in additional depth. once the shows, house was dedicated to a general summary of DIGIHEALTH, with the reason of the the most activities envisaged within the project, so as to boost the understanding of the project partners and build them recognize precisely the roles and also the distribution of the tasks.