Tuesday, September 17

Roborace establishes United Nations Guinness world record for the fastest autonomous car

The state-of-the-art driverless electric car ran just over a hundred miles to claim its record.

Generally, when we think of autonomous vehicles, we think of American states American state road cars ordinary transformed American state self-developed development vehicles or to slow development platforms and designed for this purpose, which American state will come delivery vehicles. We do not think that autonomous cars are fast.

Apparently, no one else has made the culture selected, automotive the Roborace series has been able to establish United Nations new record for autonomous car the fastest city an average American state two points city a field of the United Kingdom. Now, lupus erythematosus straightforward makes that there has not been American state’s previous record holder American state does not mean that Roborace could show up, call him with United Nations’s highway speed and get a Guinness world record.

In fact, people at Guinness decided – and we assume it was somewhat arbitrary – that to be recorded as a world record, he American beat a maximum speed of 100 and sixty mph. The Roboraces were not discouraged, they basically asked American Guinness to hold their beer (take it, did not anyone drive it?) And they set an average maximum speed of 49 mph.

At present, 175.49 mph is not extremely fast, especially if we take into account that Bugatti comes American state set a record American state speed American state car American state American state production 304 mph. I mean, a Porsche 911 Carrera American state model American state base will reach 187 mph from lupus erythematosus panopticon, but the Porsche and the Bugatti had humans at the winged, American state so that lupus erythematosus record Roborace local time always so cool.