A Peugeot 406 is another wonderful blast from the past.


I am forever mitigated to get that it isn’t simply ME UN agency reckons motor cars, for a few people anyway, ar a small amount too sophisticated for his or her own smart. If your necessities ar fairly modest and you would like to pay cash on a mortgage or food, then perpetually upgrading to the most recent model isn’t the most effective policy.

Steve is like ME and wasn’t in the least certain what he ought to do together with his pretty 2003 Audi A4 in Ming dynasty Blue with a hundred and sixty,000 miles once he had the provide of a friend’s 2008 Panthera onca X-Type Tourer with fifty,000 miles, a full service history and new clutch. each cars ar diesels.
The issue was that Steve’s A4 has sickly air-con and fixing it’s far more than the automobile is price. however that’s not essentially the purpose. If a automobile is doing employment, then it’s typically price jutting with it. there’s a hundred and sixty,000 on the clock of Steve’s A4, though, thus perhaps some bits ar sporting out. a lot of to the purpose, the X-Type he has been offered is in excellent condition. thus I told him he’s comfortable outlay a small amount a lot of and going for the Jag.

Anyway, let’s follow this, as that era of diesels failed to need to die and, a lot of of late, be submerged in AdBlue. Steve, like several others, wants a automobile which will deal with millions of short town work and doesn’t have a silly diesel particulate filter (DPF).

If you wished a city car with 50mpg-plus potential and a awfully groovy on-trend boxlike vogue that doesn’t value £26,000 like one in every of those new-fangled Honda Es, what a few Lupo? These weeny Volkswagens came with a one.4 engine and Pump Diesel technology. A 2002 one in tidy condition and with the game soubriquet starts at £595. a lot of formidable sellers attempt to get a a lot of substantial £1500. It is tiny, though. Fun, but tiny.

OUR finding of fact
Audi A4
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I’d be inclined to travel for a VW Passat, then {again} again, what may be a lot of exciting than AN Alfa Romeo badge? thus why not choose a fairly 156 JTD? The Sportwagon isn’t the most important beach wagon within the world, thus simply regard it as a biggish hatch. I stumbled on a 2002 example with a solid a hundred and sixty,000 miles and much of recent work, like clutch and cambelt, for £1200.

Then again, a Peugeot 406 is another tremendous blast from the past. A 2.0 HDi estate makes all styles of sense and that i found a sixty five,000-mile 2002 example. it had been on provide for £1800. That was with a dealer.

Provided you don’t need to travel within radical Low Emission Zones, there ar still wonderful reasons for trying into the first 2000s for one in every of those rather wonderful old-school diesels. Steve did.
What we have a tendency to virtually bought on
Dodge Ram 3500 five.7: recollections of a second-generation Ram eight.0 V10 sampled in 1998 ar still vivid, however till one falls into our hands once more, this shorter third-gen five.7 double-cab of 2004 can do. it’s done solely fifty nine,000 miles and also the marketer, a Dodge specialist, says it’s unrusted with AN immaculate interior. He needs £8000 for it.

Tales from Ruppert’s garage

Porsche Cayenne, mileage – 104,258: we have a tendency to got a letter within the post from Porsche. i feel it’s recall range R/2019/204 and there ar eleven,745 vehicles full of it. This recall was issued on twenty nine Gregorian calendar month 2019. Basically, it’s all regarding the automated shell as a result of the selector lever cable plastic sleeve might break. The remedy is to switch it.

All we’ve to try and do is book it in with our native dealer, UN agency isn’t terribly native in the least. thus we have a tendency to try release it slow to try and do this. It takes around AN hour and that i am undecided if there’s abundant to try and do there aside from take a look at drive a Taycan.
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Reader’s ride

Audi A4: Well, this is often nice. Here’s Steve’s pretty A4 (see above) ANd he doesn’t just like the direction trendy diesel engines are going in: “The world has gone backwards and created an engine with very little or no low-end force and much of DPF issues.

“That’s why I bought a 2003 A4 metal TDI one.9. The metal engine has solenoid-operated injectors running in oil. Even the cables run in oil. I additionally just like the north-south layout of engine/transmission, that permits equal-length driveshafts and excellent weight distribution.”
Readers’ queries
Question: My 2007-reg Focus ST has lost power. It’s creating no uncommon mechanical noises, however I’m certain I will hear it whistling. I’m troubled it’ll value a bomb to mend. James Davies, Exeter

Answer: Don’t despair. It appears like the oil diaphragm has failing, a typical drawback on early, second-generation STs. you’ll check by removing the gage. If the whistling stops, it’s the diaphragm. the nice news is that you simply will fix it yourself since it’s fairly accessible. (You will see it below the highest of the engine on the left-hand facet. It’s lined by a spherical plastic cap.) Detach and move aside the airbox and trunking to access it. Pop off the cap and take away the diaphragm. a brand new one is £20. John Evans

Question: ar RDE2 diesels on sale currently or should consumers still pay a lot of road tax and company automobile tax whereas automobile manufacturers live through the dash to WLTP? Steve kill, Burgess Hill
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Answer: though this new, more durable version of the $64000 Driving Emissions take a look at, which is able to run aboard WLTP, doesn’t acquire force till next January, some automobile manufacturers have already free diesel cars that go with it. They embody the Mercedes A-Class, B-Class and GLE, the Panthera onca atomic number 54 and XF, the vary Rover Evoque, the new BMW one Series and also the facelifted Vauxhall Astra. These cars avoid being placed within the next road tax band in their 1st year and company drivers escape the four-dimensional profit in a similar way diesel surcharge. John Evans