The large challenge of reforming the university governance system in Al-Iraq.

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INsPIRE must be thought of solely the primary step in an exceedingly a lot of comprehensive framework of cooperation between UNIMED and Asian country. The latter is ceaselessly watching Europe as a model to transfer and implement for the good thing about native HE system beginning, as an example, in taking inspiration by adopting the ECTS system as a primary step towards the Bologna method.

Ten Iraqi Universities, the participation of the Ministry of upper Education and research in Asian country, the collaboration of EU universities from Portuguese Republic (Evora University), Turkey (Aydin Constantinople University) and Italian Republic (Bologna University) with the participation of UNIMED below the coordination of Siena University: the massive challenge of reforming the university governance system in Asian country joined of the most important and most advanced Arab country within the MENA region.

This has been the INsPIRE kick-off meeting command in Siena from nineteen to twenty one February 2019. The gap ceremony of the project has been attended by the representatives of many Italian and Iraqi establishments and the presence of the Iraqi ambassador in Italian Republic His important person adult male. Bamarni. All the 10 Iraqi Universities, (from city, to Baghad to Basrah and many others) have participated and adult male. Al Rubaiey, representative of the Iraqi MOHER, intervened by stressing not solely the avid engagement of its establishment in INsPIRE, however additionally however crucial this project is felt for the longer term of the Iraqi pedagogy system.

During the 2 days the activities of the association were chiefly centered on describing the present Iraqi pedagogy context and its eventful desires thorough a comprehensive table analysis on the relevant literature on the subject. All Iraqi partners emphasize the tough context within which their pedagogy establishments (HEIs) conduct their activities at the instant. Not solely the harm of the infrastructures caused by decades of wars, however additionally the environmental problems touching some elements of the country (e.g., the water salinity downside within the Basrah region) undermine Iraqi HEIs potential.

Moreover, throughout the workshop session, all the schools highlighted a unnatural decisional autonomy allowed to Iraqi HEIs, issue that goes hand in hand with a burdened discretion over the flexibility to get and pay resources for his or her activities. Therefore, despite the fact that participants is also willing to create their own methods and also the connected action plans, they are doing not feel to be within the conditions to try to to therefore at the instant. For this reason, their initial concern could be a modification within the regulative framework. A special specialise in capability building and management of human resources area unit 2 alternative 2 details that are mentioned among universities.